5 reasons why you should have an extra income now

Do you need an extra income from home to pay your debt? 

Did you just lose your job because of COVID-19? 

Did you just graduate and cannot find a job yet?

Or are you an OFW who came back home and in need of a new source of income?

Whatever your reason may be for an extra income even from home, this is for you!  

In these times of uncertainty you might be asking yourself, “Is now really the right time? Should I perhaps postpone my business plans for when this all dies down?”. But really, times like this are the best time to start a new income stream. 

Having another source of income in this generation has never been easier, especially with the availability of resources such as the internet, social media, online shopping, and direct-selling avenues. Because of this, hundreds of brands have grown at a rapid pace catering to the needs of their customers anywhere. Many products are now available to the public with just one click – from food, clothing, and even skincare. Skincare and makeup is an emerging market in the Philippines! 

Here are 5 reasons why now and why direct selling in skincare.  

1. Stop living from paycheck to paycheck.  

While keeping your budget within your means is always a good idea, having multiple streams of income is always better! Extra income can help you pay off your debt, save for big purchases, spend for #travelgoals, #bucketlist and #OOTD without breaking the bank. It will help you reach retirement earlier too! If your paycheck is just enough for monthly expenses, you definitely need an extra income even if it is part-time. 

2. Covid-19 made us realize the importance of having multiple income stream. 


Do you know that millionaires have at least 6 different income sources to keep their millionaire status?  

These unstable times have caused people to quarantine at home, supply chain services to come to a halt and businesses to postpone operations and at worst – even shut down and lay off employees. This can be very scary thing specially if you do not have savings or emergency fund.  Having another income source like direct-selling can be very beneficial in these times to help mitigate the risk! 

One example of a great direct-selling business to partake in is Mary Kay direct selling business – a company that has been a side hustle for some and even a primary source of income throughout the years for many! 

3. With Mary Kay, you can earn extra income from home. 


Mary Kay Online Ordering

Orders can be made online and shipped for free or at a minimal cost so you can make a profit from home. You can still keep your day job and do Mary Kay on the side for extra income with ease – adjust Mary Kay to your schedule as you see fit, on your own time and pace. 

With all of the different shipping and same-day delivery services available, you can ship Mary Kay skincare and makeup products to excited customers in as little as less than an hour – this means you get the payment ASAP, free for you to spend on necessities.

4. Skincare is self-care and #beautyneverstops for women even in lockdown.

Woman working on video call
Woman wears makeup when working from home


Beauty and skincare products might seem non-essential, but the market even amidst quarantine is very large! Skincare is considered hygiene products and many women, especially those who work from home still buy skincare and cosmetic goods. This is especially true if they have to show up to online video call and meetings while working from home.


5. Direct Selling requires little investment for great rewards. 

Financial Freedom
Financial Freedom!

What’s great about Mary Kay direct selling PH is the fact that you don’t need to have much to start – with just a little investment, you can jumpstart your way into making more profit than you could ever expect.  Combine hard work, determination, right mindset and the willingness to pay the price for success, you can even reach the point of Financial Independence!  Look at my 8 reasons why Start your Mary Kay Business. 

Our mission is to enrich women’s lives. 

If you have any friends or family struggling to access an extra source of income in these trying times, you can share the Mary Kay direct selling business with them too! Mary Kay is known for its values of team spirit, sharing, and a sense of community. 

Whether for part-time income or full-time business, there is always something for you in Mary Kay. 


Join us now! Send me a message via chat or on my Facebook Page and let’s start something beautiful today! 


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