8 Reasons to Start Your Mary Kay Direct Selling Business Part-Time​


WHY NOT? I am an IT Professional and I have been doing this business part-time since 2006 and these are the top 8 reasons that had me started and kept me going! 


Start your business for only less than P1,000.00! Let’s admit it, not all of us can easily start-up a traditional business. Aside from huge capital investment, you also need to be an expert in the field of business, which can also cost you money. With a small capital, you can enjoy all the following perks immediately! The Start-Up Packet contains the product samples you need to start sharing the skincare of Mary Kay.



Get certified in the comfort on your own sofa! If you are currently employed, it is not easy to attend training, besides, we are still in the middle of a Pandemic and it is impossible to even get out of our homes. Mary Kay supports online trainings with certifications. That’s right! You can get certified by attending online training. Talk about embracing technology. 


Mary Kay Online Training
Learn the business through online trainings | Image by Pexels



Part time job, full-time income. Earn 6-digit income within your first year!    Mary Kay jumpstarted me to improve my inbound finances way back 2006 and I am grateful for this opportunity. Take a look at an article about me in 2008 here.

Take advantage of the following perks!

A. Selling – you earn every time you sell the products.

  • Get fabulous profit for every product you sell.
  • Get free products every month when you achieve the monthly challenges and complete your own collection without spending a peso. Cool right?

B. Team Building Commission- earn from bringing your friends to partner with you

Unlike networking and pyramiding,  we don’t earn when you sign-up to be a member. You earn when you sign up! Get more than 2500 worth of products for a small membership fee. With Mary Kay, all commission comes from product movement based on the Total Amount Sold of your member in a month.

 Get from up to 12% commission on the total monthly sales of all your team members. Team Members are those who joined the business because of you.

Blazing Butterflies Unit Meeting
Unit awarding for the team sales achievement

C. Perks and Travels

Cross-out your the #travelgoals in your #bucketlists twice a year in Mary Kay! In 2018 and 2019, we travelled first class in an Asian Cruise to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

In December, achiever flashed #OOTD with Trench Coat and boots during the snowfall in Hangzhou, China. The best thing is it’s an all expense paid Trip! What’s in your #bucketlist? 

Mary Kay Asian Cruise Trip

Mary Kay Cruise Beyond Red



D. Leadership Commissions 

  • Sales Director’s Monthly Bonus 

Get monthly bonus starting from P13,000.00 . While employees receive bonuses in May and December, Mary Kay, gives a monthly bonus to Sales Director based on their performance. Now when was the last time you received a monthly bonus this much?

  • Sales Director Commission

Get up to 12% of your total unit sales is given every month to active Sales Directors.

  • Sr. Sales Director’s to National Sales Director  Commission 

Get from 4% and more when you promote someone from your team to be a Sales Director too.  

E. Mary Kay Pink Car 

I have been awarded with the Mary Kay Pink Car for 4 times since I joined. I also call this lifestyle bonus. You can use this monthly perk for your different life goals or bucket lists. The second time I was awarded with Pink Car, I converted it to cash and I was able to buy my dream condominium in Bel-Air, Makati. 

Pink Car Achievers
On-Stage awarding of Mary Kay Pink Car Achievers in 2018

F. International Trips  

Travel upto 4 times a year as a Sales Director by achieving the challenges! Enjoy 3 trips within Asia and one trip to Europe for the Top Sales Director’s trip every year.  

Mary Kay Top Sales Director's Trip in Greece 2015



Succeed in your own pace and own time. Whether you just want to have an extra income from selling, team building or Leadership, there is always something for you. I have been doing this business part-time for 13 years alongside my employment in the first 8 years and with my IT business in the past 5 years. If I was able to manage it, there is no reason why you cannot.



You would not want to be associated with a fly-by-night brand, aren’t you? Mary Kay has been in the business for over 50 years and, it’s funny to say this but,  Mary Kay has money! It is a multinational company operating in over 30 countries worldwide. You can be sure that the company can pay for all your efforts. At the end of the day, we do business for the paycheck, right? 

Mary Kay Headquarters in Dallas



Mary Kay is a Trusted Brand worldwide. In all my 13 years, I never had to do hard selling. All I needed to do was use the products so I know how it works then make my friends and customers try it. On the first try, they can immediately feel the difference and sure they buy. Of course, you need to learn the products to give them the right recommendation and keep a long-term relationship. 




Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” You have heard this quote many times but have you really considered what it meant for you? In Mary Kay, you will be surrounded by people who believe in you, motivate you, mentor you and show you how to step-up the career path. Everyone wants to go grow so everyone is moving forward and upward. Be connected to the person who shared the opportunity with you or your Sales Director, she will be happy to mentor you. 

Mary Kay Seminar 2017





Our mission is “ to enrich people’s lives ”. Through Mary Kay, my family’s quality of life improved. From a negative bank account to Financial freedom, my Mary Kay became the bridge of blessings. And for this reason, a sense of purpose to pay it forward became my passion.

Even when I have reached the life I was just dreaming of when I was a child, I still push through because of the very same purpose. Perhaps someone out there is waiting to be recognized or guided and I am that person designated to fulfill that mission.

Mary Kay Beauty Shopping for a Cause


I started this website for the same reason. After the Corona Virus Lockdown, we still won’t be able to go around to meet people personally for free skincare or make-over. With this platform, all my Blazing Butterflies unit members will have a tool to still share both the product and the opportunity to others. 

I learned that, sometimes we pray for blessings, perhaps financial blessings; and you know what? God hears it. He listens. He is willing to give the blessing to us but most of the time, not the way we see it, it is wrapped differently in a form of opportunity.

It took me 6 months to decide to start too! But as soon as I did, I realize that this was what I have been praying for. It is not instant cash, it is not a bed of roses, but it is a place where I was able to achieve my financial goals faster.

Have you been contemplating on starting a business? Then why not Mary Kay? If you don’t have a Beauty Consultant yet, feel free to send me a message so we can start something beautiful together! 

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