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Hello! I`m Cecille.

I believe that when a woman knows that she looks good, she feels good about herself, she becomes more confident and she can conquer the world!
As a Beauty Consultant, my passion is to help women look and feel their best by coaching, giving self-care, skincare and beauty advice.
As a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, my purpose is to partner with people who share the same enthusiasm in achieving their career goals and bucket lists through mentoring, motivation, and guidance. With this site, I will share everything that I have learned in my everyday journey. Join me in this new adventure as we await great things that life has to offer. As my favorite saying goes "Expect Great Things, and Great Things Will Happen".
the blazing butterflies

Someone told me, butterflies don’t blaze. Well, physically – sure they can’t. I named my Mary Kay Unit blazing butterflies because we represent the personality of a butterfly ignited by the fire burning with purpose, passion, enthusiasm, and determination. This is what the Blazing Butterflies unit members are all about. 


An adult butterfly undergoes 4 stages before it can finally fly: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Each stage has a different goal – for example, caterpillars need to eat a lot while adult butterflies need to fly from one flower to another to reproduce. Just like the butterfly’s metamorphosis, I went through several stages in this business to become the unit’s leader. I started with a negative bank account, renting a small bed-space and having 2 jobs to make ends meet into a full pledged business woman. 


I joined Mary Kay as a part-time beauty consultant in July 2006 and decided to build a unit of my own on September 12, 2006. The Blazing Butterflies Unit debuted in January 2007 with young and dynamic women ready to achieve goals. Our Unit has been recognized many times since then. Some of those achievements are as follows:

  • Millionaire’s Club Member
  • 4x Mary Kay Pink Car Achiever
  • The Circle of Achievers 8 Million Production – 5 times
  • The Circle of Excellence over 12 Million Production – 3 times
  • Cruise Beyond Red Asian Cruise Trip
  • NISD-in-the-making Trip to Singapore  
  • Top Sales Director’s Trip to Turkey and Greece


Many members of the unit were also awarded for their many achievements such as the Circle of Personal Selling Achievers, Trips and Cruises. This site is dedicated to all the men and women who are and have been part of my unit. Kudos to each one of you! 


It was said that butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Butterflies’ personality includes optimism, leadership, persuasiveness and adaptability to the situation. The same represents all the women in this amazing Mary Kay Unit. We look forward to welcoming you too in our team soon. Leave me a message or talk to your beauty consultant to inquire about how you can start something beautiful today!