Why is exfoliation important for the skin?

Exfoliation is an essential step in your skin regimen to achieve a smooth, fine, and open pore-free skin. In the Philippines, exfoliation has been stereotyped with peeling the skin and is unsafe. Thus, you need to understand how you can do it correctly and safely. Exfoliation is good for the skin, and here’s a little primer all about the importance and benefits of exfoliation.  

Before we begin, it is important to note that there are certain precautions you need to understand before doing it yourself. We will talk about this at the end of this article.


Why is skin exfoliation important?

Dead skin cells, along with dirt and grime clogged in our pores, can build up over time, especially when we reach 25 years old. The regeneration of our skin cells slows down, and the buildup of skin on the face can lead to a rough and dull appearance. Not only that, but not exfoliating can lead to various skin issues such as acne and unwanted blemishes, build-up and debris.

With regular skin exfoliation, we can keep our skin looking it’s healthiest and brightest.

Remember that exfoliation is the 2nd essential step in the 5-step skin regimen. Click here to review the 5 essential steps and the benefit of each step for your skin.

What are benefits of exfoliation?

There are many different benefits to skin exfoliation, and you might experience some more than others depending on your skin type and the product you are using. 

  • Bright, healthy skin: Exfoliation gets rid of the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells on the topmost layer of your skin. That reveals the healthy and clear skin underneath, giving you a glowing appearance.
  • Prevention of acne: No matter how much we cleanse our faces, there can still be some non-visible bacteria or outside elements that can clog our pores deeply. Exfoliation cleanses the skin very thoroughly, making sure even the stubborn particulates get scrubbed away.
  • An excellent primer for succeeding skincare products: Since exfoliation clears out the pores, it can help your skin absorb nutrients from the rest of your skin care products better and even deeper into the skin for maximum efficiency. 

How to exfoliate?

With Mary Kay, there are two different ways you can exfoliate – via a deep-cleansing Charcoal Mask from the Clear Proof Product Line or with the specially formulated Timewise Microdermabrasion Skincare Supplement, which not only cleans out pores but also tightens them for smoother, brighter skin. Either method is hugely beneficial, however. It’s best to know which suits your skin the most!


1. Clear Proof Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask

Best for: All ages, with blemish-prone or oily skin

Mary Kay Clear Proof Cleanser

Want to try this product but do not know where to find it? Send me a message to order! 

Activated charcoal is the key ingredient to this mask. The activated charcoal and natural clay in the product cleanse and absorb all the dirt, oil. It magnets away the impurities nestled deep within the skin, helping it bring out the skin’s natural glow. 

Aside from that, the charcoal mask contains other natural ingredients like honeysuckle and navy bean to ease skin discoloration and provide a soothing scent after each use.

Additional benefits:

  • Helps in Removing dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads
  • If you have mild-to-moderate pimple, it helps prevent future breakouts.


The Charcoal Mask for Clear Skin | Clear Proof Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask | Mary Kay

2. Timewise Microdermabrasion Plus

Best for: Ages 30 and up , for all skin-type ( dry, normal and oily but without pimples or acne) 

The Timewise Microdermabrasion set is used best 2-3x a week, although less if you have sensitive or delicate skin. There are two steps to the microdermabrasion treatment:

Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Set

Want to try this product but do not know where to find it? Send me a message to order! 

  1. Refine: It contains a gentle exfoliant with its main ingredient, Aluminum Oxide, that brushes away the dead skin cells clogging up your pores. Aside from that, Microdermabrasion Refine helps bring oxygen into the skin leading to increased blood circulation and much brighter, healthier-looking skin!
  2. Pore Minimizer: The second step is to apply and leave-on the Timewise Pore Minimizer Serum. It contains Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract and Soy Bean Extract which both help tighten and minimize the appearance of pores, allowing your skin to look much firmer all while improving texture – so you can feel great about your skin even close up!
Mary Kay UK | TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set

3. Skinvigorate Sonic Brush

Skinvigorate Sonic Brush is a physical exfoliation device used for daily gentle exfoliation. The brush is excellent to use with your favorite Mary Kay cleansers. It scrubs all of the dirt, makeup, and deep-seated grime out of the skin, helping your skin be as clean as it can be.

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Sonic Brush


Additional Benefits:

  • The Skinvigorate Sonic Brush is great for busy women who has no time to do a complete regimen at night. Using this brush, you get the multiple benefit from the cleanser and the sonic brush itself.
  • It allows skin to better absorb the nutrients from the rest of your skin regimen.
  • The Sonic pulses stimulate collagen production in the skin giving you an instant Lift.
  • Sonic powered micro-massages that promotes healthier, more resilient and revitalized skin that softens fine lines and unleashes a youthful glow.
  • Daily use xelaxes facial tension to de-stress, unblock and prevent nerve damage.
  • The massager exercises and loosens facial muscles which helps reduce puffiness.
3-Step EVENING Skincare routine for busy women (How to: Use Mary Kay Skinvigorate Sonic Brush)

Who cannot do these steps?

As mentioned earlier, not everyone can immediately jump into exfoliation. To be sure, it is best to consult your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant first so she can help you how to can start.

If you don’t have a Mary Kay beauty consultant yet, send me a message! I’d be glad to serve you.

Here are few exceptions:

  • If you are currently using skincare (soap, toner) with any chemical peeling ingredients, it is best to rest your skin first before trying another exfoliation;  
  • If you are pregnant, there may be some restrictions so better check with your doctor first; and, 
  • If you have hyper sensitive skin and existing skin irritations. 

I hope this has been helpful for you. Feel free to send me a message if you want to try any of these products and let’s start something beautiful!

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