Skincare Routine for Dry Skin for 30 years old and up

Do you have dry skin and is still wondering what skin regimen to use?

If you start to feel skin tightness, itchiness, and redness and is starting to notice fine lines caused by dead skin, you may have dry skin.

Good news! You have less risk of having to suffer from blackheads or acne.

For women 30 and up, I recommend Timewise Miracle Set 3D formula for Normal to Dry Skin. It is a gentle anti-aging regimen that helps interrupt the triggers that can cause your skin to look older. 3D stands for Defends, Delays, and Delivers. 

Defends against age-accelerating free radicals; Delays the look of premature aging; and Delivers improvement in as early as 4 weeks.   

Here is how you can use this skincare regimen:

Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate

Wash your face using the Timewise Age Minimize 3D 4-in-1 Cleanser for normal to dry skin every day, morning and evening.  


mary kay timewise 3d for dry

Morning Regimen:

After a shower, put a pea-size cleanser on your beauty fingers then spread to your 5 focal points: chin, nose, cheeks, and forehead then lather using an upward-outward motion from chin to forehead.  

Add a little water if the product is drying up. Note that the cleanser is concentrated and you just need to add more water to lather. Do this for 2-3 minutes or until your whole face is cleansed. Rinse and pat dry.

Evening Regimen:

Use the same cleanser together with the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Sonic Cleansing brush to easily remove 4x more dirt, oil, impurities, make-up and pollutants (compared to hand-cleansing). You only need 60 seconds for this step. Let the brush rotate for 15 seconds on the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Rinse then pat dry.



60 seconds for a superior sonic clean! | Skinvigorate Sonic™️ Skin Care System | Mary Kay

Step 2 : Twice a week Exfoliation (Optional)

Lift the dead skin using Timewise Microdermabrasion set 2-3 times a week.

Step 2a : Polish

Put a pea-size of the Microdermabrasion Refine on your fingers and apply on your 5 focal points while your skin is still wet. Scrub your face gently from the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead using a circular motion. Do this for 2-3 minutes or until you have scrubbed your whole face; Rinse with lukewarm water and tap dry.

Step 2b : Smoothen

Use Microdermabrasion Pore Minimizer. Put a pea size of the product to your fingers and dab them to your five focal points then gently spread. Wait until its fully absorbed before applying the next Step.

REMEMBER: Do this step at night for 2-3 times a week only, with 2-nights in between. Do not do this every day.

mary kay microdermabrasion set
mary kay microdermabrasion set

Step 3: Eyecare

Use Timewise Age Minimize 3D Eye Cream. Squeeze the product directly under your eye area and gently tap with your ring finger from outer to the inner under-eye area until fully absorbed. Do this everyday morning and night.

timewise 3d eye cream
timewise 3d eye cream

Step 4: Daytime – Moisturize and Protect 

Hydrate and Protect your skin with Timewise Age Minimize 3D Day Cream SPF 30. Put a pea-size of the product on your beauty fingers and apply from chin to forehead. 

timewise 3d day cream
Timewise 3D Day Cream

Step 4: Nighttime – Moisturize & Renew

Hydrate your skin with Timewise Age Minimize 3D night cream. Put a pea-size of the product into your fingers and spread on the face from chin to forehead. Do this every night.

timewise 3D Night cream
Timewise 3D Night cream

Step 5: Day time – Physical Protection

Apply Mary Kay luminous 3D foundation using a tone that matches your skin tone in the morning. The luminous foundation has an age-fighting formula and provides 12-hours of moisturization. Finally, add Sheer Mineral Powder in the morning to lock your look before putting your makeup.

timewise 3d foundation
Timewise 3D Liquid Foundation


There you go! It’s your easy to follow skincare routine for dry skin. 

Do you need personalized advice on your skin condition? If you don’t have a beauty consultant yet, feel free to send me a message so we can chat or book for an online consultation here and let’s start something beautiful together.  

Here is a short video on how to use the Timewise 3D Miracle set.



TimeWise® Miracle Set 3D™ | Younger-Looking Skin in Four Weeks* | Mary Kay

Stay Happy and Healthy! Have a beauty-full life!

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