Amidst the Pandemic, an Inspiration.

It’s Good Friday and the 26th day of the countrywide lockdown. The World Health Organization announced Covid-19 is as Pandemic on March 14. Being home for almost a month, it felt like something good has to come out of this historic situation. This inspired me to finally set-up this blog site. So, welcome to my virtual home.

Before I continue, I want to say “salute” to everyone who is trying to make a difference in their own little way during this time of crisis; especially to all the frontliners and volunteers.

What’s in it for you in this site? 

Being in Skin Care, Direct Selling and every day-beauty business for more than 13 years, I would like to share my knowledge and experiences in this industry specially to my customers, unit members and newbies in this business. I will be answering most of the questions customers & beauty consultants asked me in my everyday interaction based on my first-hand experience.

Once in a while, I will also share the things I learned from my travels to over 20 countries, living abroad and things I am passionate about. 

Me during the lockdown

Honestly, I suffered from anxiety in the first two weeks of the lockdown. I was not able to go home to my mother before the ECQ and I was worried about everything! It paralyzed me. I had to do something to keep my mind busy and I know I need to take myself out of this downward spiral. To keep my sanity, I tried social media diet which I find very helpful to shift my attention and (negative) emotions. Otherwise, I might be tempted to start doing Tik Tok videos too! 😀 ( no offense but it’s just not my cup of tea). 

I was not able to journal the past 25 days, but I try to make every day productive and meaningful.  French language and my studies for a Business diploma keep me busy for few days a week then painting, cooking, and baking. Hey, who did not become a better cook these days? With enough time to learn new cooking tricks and baking ideas, I get to mix my first Banana Cake which is now baking slowly in the oven and it smells soooo good! 

Together with my family, we arranged a small relief operation for our neighbors who are in need. I started doing video calls with family, friends, colleagues, and my Mary Kay sisters. I virtually returned to my old world and this helped me a lot. Truly, connecting to people can lift the spirit. I am glad to be part of different communities trying to touch other people’s lives.

Inspirations for this blog

Just this week, my sister-in-law asked for my advice about skincare.My mini-blog response made us realize writing a blog would help others who may have different skin concerns too. So, I would like to thank her for jump-starting me. 

May I also acknowledge…

Thank you to all my mentors, in life and in Mary Kay. All my sister Sales Directors, my offspring Sales Directors Darlene, Dulce & Gerlie and all the members (then and now) of my Blazing Butterflies Unit especially the tenured ones who’ve been with me from the beginning of my journey. Thank you for inspiring me!

My JCI Perlas Pasay sisters, my siblings especially my sister Isay and of course my parents for the genes and smarts, which allowed me to turn our life around from where we started ( a topic for another blog!), my supportive husband and to The Good Lord for the blessing and courage to make this happen. 

See you in my next blog!

P.S. Stay home 🙂


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